Ready Made Courses

  • Fully animated level-3 courses with in-built quiz
  • Course output file format: SCORM1.2
  • OneHourLeaming provides a library of 500+ off-the-shelf / readymade courses
  • Course can be hosted and accessed on any standard LMS


  • Quick and easy deployment — ready-to-use courses
  • Considerably lower cost compared to custom-built / bespoke eLearning
  • Availability of large number and variety of courses and topics
  • Tested, reviewed and refined courses due to universal and large no. of feedback and inputs
  • Company internal / in-house expertise and time not required
  • Created by SMEs
  • On-demand access

Our Reccomendation

  • Map the relevant courses from the library to the role competency / skill
  • Provide a learning journey / path over a period of 1-2 years
  • Short courses (20-60 min) work better. They impart relevant knowledge / skills in quick time