Customised e-Learning

  • Build engaging customized courses based on your specific requirements
  • Animated courses with graphics, motions, interactive quiz, gamification, simulation etc.
  • Course output file format: SCORM1.2
  • Course can be hosted and accessed on any standard LMS

E-learning Course Levels

  • Level 1: Basic eLearning course. Largely text-based course with some static images at places. Single voice-over (machine), if required. Course looks like PPT with machine voice. Click-next is the only interactivity. Basic quiz format
  • Level 2: Slightly advanced course. Includes graphics, some graphical motions and text. Includes
    single voice-over. Better creative use of graphics, motions and flow that makes the course engaging. Advanced quiz format
  • Level 3: Advanced eLearning course. Includes animations, motion sync, lip movements, expression, effects and text. Usage of functional / workplace graphics, character motions and interactive quiz makes the course highly engaging. Can include multiple voice-overs
  • Level 4: Gamification. Includes level 3 animation. Gamification of the course for added engagement around a certain theme / game like treasure hunt, KBC, snake & ladder etc. Includes points, badges, trophy etc. Multiple and creative interactivity. Branching scenarios.

Our Reccomendation

  • For an engaging course with high retention: Go for level 3
  • For an engaging course, but with budget constraints: Go for level 2.5
  • For an engaging course with high retention and fun element: Go for level 4 gamification
  • For a good course with budget constraints: Go for level 2
  • For a course with tight budget: Go for level 1
  • When any eLearning company / vendor quotes a cost for level 1,2,3,4 — please ask to see samples.
  • The definition of level varies. Level 3 of one vendor could be level 2 of another vendor